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The individual sites within FruitGateway are: is a portal that provides an access point to the three web sites described below and FruitHealth (the site you are currently viewing). Additionally it gives an introduction to the main fruit crops we work with and a synopsis of our role in supporting the soft fruit industry. You will also find here other facilities, such as a searchable database containing SCRI soft fruit publications. describes breeding, genetics and genomics work on soft fruit at SCRI. It also contains descriptions of all SCRI's fruit cultivars, including the renowned 'Glen' raspberries and 'Ben' blackcurrants. describes research work on soft fruit pests and diseases. It also includes the new and innovative 'FruitDisease Information' database that is currently under development and that will be launched in 2006. provides up-to-date information on the health benefits of berries and berry components. Current research and the exciting findings on the link between berry components, polyphenol antioxidants and the prevention of major diseases is highlighted.